The future of our NHS – Reasons to be fearful 1, 2,……..10!

11 01 2015

Big Up the NHS

B6s3N2sIMAEU2GLEvents of the last couple of weeks can leave nobody in much doubt that the NHS is struggling this winter. But does this signal the death of the NHS, as the tabloid press is spinning it, or is it just a temporary blip as the government would have us believe?

The answer lies, as always, somewhere between the two but I believe that a perfect storm is brewing. We require urgent and decisive action or we will see the end of the NHS as we know it before the end of the next parliament – regardless of who wins in May.

The NHS is part of the fabric of our nation and the vast majority of the public have not yet accepted the message that its future is really under threat. After all it is among the most efficient and effective healthcare systems in the world. How could we…

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