Another Angry Voice on Tory Hypocrisy over Funding

28 02 2014

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

The Left-wing political blog, Another Angry Voice (see the Links) has this piece dissecting the Tories’ hypocrisy over the funding of the Labour Party. They denounce Labour for being funded by the trade unions, while their own party receives lavish donations from corporations and some extremely rich – and dodgy – individuals.

The Angry One begins his piece

Who could ever forget the sight of a grotesquely hypocritical David Cameron working himself up into a fit of faux outrage at the fact that the Labour party are mainly funded by the trade unions. There was a man who knows damn well that his own political party is almost entirely funded through vast donations from the wealthy and privileged (many of them “rogues” to put it mildly), ranting on about the fact that the Labour party are funded through small donations from millions of working people.

Cameron knows exactly where the…

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